NHIEC 2017 New Board of Trustees


NHIEC is delighted to report that our Board of Trustees Election was successfully concluded and the votes were counted on Friday, 9/29.
We would like to express special thanks to Um Tarek, Br. Samer, Br. Saleh and Br. Wifki (Elections Committee) for organizing and running the election effort, counting and confirming the vote counts on the ballots under the supervision of Br. Ihab, Br. Hassan, Br. Abdelillah and other community members. Most importantly, we thank all of the members who voted in the election of 2017 Board of Trustees.
We had seven highly qualified candidates for 4 positions. The 4 candidates with the most votes were elected to term of 4 yrs length.
May Allah grant our new Board members sincerity and guide them to the best for the Masjid and community.
We sincerely appreciate the members who did not get the chance to be members of the Board this time, and encourage them to still be involved and contribute to the community.
We sincerely ask Allah to reward everyone for their positive participation.